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Any 2000, outside the city of Minsk in Belarus, a cavall between Europe and Russia saw the serious millors and the Kuripaty Cirque a vell, traditional and prestigious circ of the Russian school and a brand of philosophical character, quan de sobre l ' any 2010 slave tot, war, epidemies, traits and ambitions, left the circle in the most absolute decadence. The survivors of the neighborhood undertake a long journey, near a lloc, a friendlier man, menys roïns, on puguem to realize the unique seu son, to show again the seu art davant of the public, to distribute Love. Durant anys viatgen sense èxit, vivint autèntiques calamitats. What will the day be like when they have a public to show themselves to? Will you be able to reprimand the seu art? Will they be capaços? Is it remembered from com anava tot? How did it work? It is here at a time that I am about to create a unique show, mig improvisation and with decadent tints.

Both are personatges bojos d'amor, because love does not cure you, i molt passionals for a passió to the circle of the inordinate show.

"Love is life.

Tot the one who understands, just what he understands because he loves me.

Tot who is, is because ho amo.

The love is enough to unite-ho tot

(Leo Tolstoy)

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