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Coral and Rebeco, two dreamers who meet on the road.
They both have a passion. She, a soprano singer. He, circus artist

This passion makes them feel, laugh, dream and, ultimately, live.

Rebeco is the clumsy, tender jerk, a character who lives by and for the Circus.
Coral is beauty, a musical torrent.
Together they will transport us, on a journey of no return, through their passions: Music and
the circus.

THE BEAUTY AND THE DILNESS, strange and endearing couple.
A mixture of humor, love and emotion.
SONATA CIRCUS is a full show. Opera, singing and strange instruments
musicals linked to the Clown, the Circus, their techniques and varieties.
SONATA CIRCUS shows us that dreams can be fulfilled without ever forgetting
that, to achieve them, you have to work hard, fight, sacrifice, fall,
get up and continue walking on this exciting path, which can only
lead us to happiness.
Because our passion is Life, and shared, always much better.
A show for everyone, simply ...

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