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ROOM SHOW: Preferably
ORIGIN: Valencian Community
RECOMMENDED AGE: Children audience
TYPE: Multidisciplinary
LANGUAGE: Spanish.

Juliana, a cleanser with somewhat extravagant characteristics, drinks a strange elixir, with which she becomes "SUPER DONA".
Super Dona, a crazy antiheroine, who comes to tell different stories.
The story of Marta Cenizas, a princess tired of cooking partridges for a dark blue prince and wearing high heels all the time.
The story of a magical headband that would change the life of a fearful girl bullied by her classmates.
The story of Paula, a "Ni-Ni" girl, who neither studied nor worked.
Stories of today's princesses, warriors, fighters.
Super Dona, will show us her magical powers, with the help of the little spectators and spectators, finding some "super donut" among the public.
Making this a fun, magical show, and with a message.
For a world of equals, between men and women.

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